Council Meeting outcome

At Tuesday 28 March 2023, Council Meeting, Council reviewed the Traffic Committee Minutes and adopted the recommendations of the Committee:

That the separated cycleway in Heath St be removed and replaced with a two-way mixed traffic arrangement as outlined in the attached plan (here)

That existing linemarking be modified and additional linemarking installed as outlined in the attached plan (here)

Impacted residents will be notified shortly regarding scheduling of the works.

You can watch the meeting recording here:

Council Meeting information

This item was discussed at the 16 March Traffic Committee, and the outcome of that meeting will be presented at the 28 March Council Meeting. The agenda can be reviewed here (page 40), and the attachment booklet can be reviewed here (from page 146). The consultation report can be reviewed here.

Should you wish to address Council at the meeting, you can submit your request to speak via the link on this page once the agenda is released on Thursday 23 March:

You can watch the meeting here via Facebook:

What's Happening?

We recently completed the construction of the Heath Street Cycleway, Five Dock. In December 2022 we engaged an independent specialist consultant to review and provide advice on the interactions of all users. This review included residents/pedestrians navigating in and out of properties/carparking, motorists and cyclists using the road and the Regional Cycle away.

The report has been received and assessed and we are proposing changes to the current design to deliver a more balanced solution for the surrounding residents and road users.

As outlined on the below plans, it is proposed to modify the cycleway. We also are invited the community to attend an onsite meeting to discuss the proposal and provide feedback.

The meeting was held on Thursday, 2 February 2023 at 5.30pm in the Timbrell Park shelter opposite 31 Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock. A summary of feedback received at the meeting can now be found in the document library on this page.

To submit your feedback online please fill in the form below. Alternatively, you can also provide feedback via email through or by mail to Locked Bag 1470 Drummoyne NSW 1470.

Feedback will be reviewed and referred to the Traffic Committee. The Traffic Committee includes representatives of the Police and Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) who provide Council with independent advice to assist in determining the most appropriate outcome. Following this, the advice will be heard at the next Council meeting for determination.