Our community is passionate about being part of the future of our area. In fact, there are almost 8,000 members on Collaborate, regularly providing feedback and participating in Council's decision making.

Collaborate Canada Bay is a dedicated place to learn about project we are discussing with the community, provide feedback and ideas, and follow projects to join Council along the journey from ideation to delivery.

With over 20,000 submissions received since Collaborate Canada Bay launched in 2019, we invite you to join the community of participating citizens.

Click here to sign up for consultation updates via our monthly e-newsletter, and look out for the Collaborate page in Council's monthly print newsletter which is delivered to all letterboxes, Canada Bay News.

How does this work?

  • Project is identified

    Elected representatives or Council staff identify a project. For example renewing a park, review of an expiring policy or exploring a new opportunity. We often get ideas directly from our community too!

  • Community Engagement

    Council plans an engagement program - how can the community provide feedback? How, when and where can the community be engaged? Engagement information is prepared and distributed and the community provide input until a closing date. A report about what we heard is prepared and shared with Elected representatives and uploaded to the project page

  • Decision is made by Council and/or Officers

    Council staff report back on what we heard and provide the elected representatives with a recommendation. The elected Council will have a discussion at a Council meeting.

    Depending on the project, Council officers may progress the project after informing Council.

  • The feedback loop

    Updates are shared with the community on Collaborate Canada Bay as a project is delivered.

Ways to engage

The community is offered an array of options to engage with Council:

  • Online: Collaborate Canada Bay
  • Email: council@canadabay.nsw.gov.au
  • Phone: 9911 6555
  • Mail: Locked Bag 1470, Drummoyne NSW 1470
  • Community languages: Call a FREE Interpreter or the National Relay Service, Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm and provide our phone number 02 9392 5347.
        • Free Interpreter call TIS National on 131 450
        • Voice relay call 1300 555 727
        • TTY call 133 677
        • SMS relay call 0423 677 767

    Our consultation programs include a mix of opportunities in person and online:

      • This dedicated online engagement platform collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au
      • Workshops and information sessions — both online and in-person
      • Stakeholder meetings and roundtable discussions
      • Children and youth workshops
      • Social media
      • Events — pop-ups, drop-ins, community events
      • Media outreach
      • Door knocking
      • Letter box drops
      • Website information
      • Site signage
      • Advisory panels and committees including the Access and Inclusion Committee,
      • Environmental Advisory Committee, Audit, Risk and Improvements Committee, Traffic Committee, Rhodes Community Committee
      • Public exhibitions
      • Interagency meetings
      • Annual customer satisfaction survey