Project background

The NSW Government is funding this $7 million project as part of the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP). The program brings state agencies and councils together to work collaboratively on the delivery of projects to improve open space and active transport links along the Parramatta Road corridor.

The City of Canada Bay has been working closely with key stakeholders to design a regional cycling route that will suit the needs of our community as much as possible. We are now sharing detailed concept plans which show the various treatments along this route. The route runs from Patterson Street, Concord, through Canada Bay and Five Dock, culminating with improved access to the celebrated Bay Run.

The cycleway comprises of a mixture of treatments including:

  • Separated cycle lanes
  • Off-road shared paths for pedestrians and cyclists
  • On-road mixed traffic
  • Traffic calming improvements
  • Intersection and signage upgrades.

Council has been developing the route since mid-2019 with a focus on being as low impact to residents and as functional as possible. The route and the treatments along it have been identified based on analysis of factors including current cycling and vehicle traffic, anticipated future trends, site constraints, and more. To read about the process, download the Cycleway Concept Development Summary here.

July/August Community Consultation

In July/August 2020 we asked for the community’s feedback on detailed concept plans for the cycleway. This consultation was advertised through a letterbox drop to properties along the route, posters along the route, social media posts and email databases. In place of in person drop in sessions, two virtual forums were held.

Feedback found that 79% of respondents support the route, with many providing several suggestions. Additional details on the community consultation process is included in Community Consultation Report which can be downloaded here and in the document library.

This report also includes data on survey responses, a summary of key themes identified in feedback received and response to those themes. Some of the feedback received relates to detailed design matters. As such this feedback will be further considered as part of the detailed design process.

Some of the plans have been amended based on the feedback received from the community. Those amendments are listed below and reflected in the updated plan below.

  • Three parking spaces retained on Patterson Street near Concord Road
  • Continuous footpath treatment across Friend Avenue at Lyons Road West to give cyclists and pedestrians priority over vehicles
  • Raised intersection treatment in First Avenue at Heath Street to further enhance safety

Detailed Design & Construction

There was a large volume of detailed feedback received during the consultation process. This will be further considered as part of the detailed design process and we will engage further with key stakeholders as appropriate.

The route will be constructed in stages as some sections will take longer to design than others. Staged construction will mean timing can be varied to minimise impacts on the community.

As sections of the route are already well used by cyclists, there can be some quick wins before whole route is completed. Construction is anticipated to start in early 2021 with construction finished by mid-2022. The construction schedule is currently being further developed.

Next Steps

The route is scheduled to be considered by the Traffic Committee at its September meeting. This is a technical committee including representatives of the Police and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) who provide Council with independent advice in order to determine the most appropriate outcome. The advice of the Traffic Committee would be heard at the October Council meeting for determination. Further approvals such as from Transport for NSW will be required as the project further progresses.

Updated Concept Plans

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