Our Library Strategic Plan has been adopted!

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback on the draft plan. All feedback was considered before the draft plan was taken to Council for adoption on Tuesday 18 May 2021. To view the meeting minutes, click here.

To view our Library Strategic Plan 2021-2030, click here.

Public Exhibition of the draft strategy

We have reviewed all your input from over 500 surveys and 9 focus groups and are ready to share our draft strategy with you! We've distilled your vision and expectations into a 6 page document. Please read and share your feedback by 14 April 2021 before we take the final draft to Council to adopt.

Strategy matrix

Project Background

Rapid changes in technology, society and the formats in which information is published have brought about an evolution in libraries. In order to plan for the future, the City of Canada Bay is redeveloping its Library Strategic Plan, ensuring it is aligned with the community's expectations through a thorough community consultation process.

Community consultation - survey and community focus groups complete

Thank you to the 500+ people who participated in our community consultation! We are now collating the data and will be preparing the draft strategy. We will exhibit the draft strategy in early 2021 and seek your feedback then.

You can review the community consultation report here.