Project background

Each year Council receives a significant number of complaints from residents claiming that boat trailers, trailers and advertising trailers are causing parking, road safety, residential and visual amenity issues.

In May 2023, Council resolved to consult with the local community regarding parking restrictions and pedestrian facilities around Campbell Park, Chiswick. Residents and sporting group participants have communicated concern to Council regarding safe access to the park. In particular, the issue of boats and trailers parked around the perimeter of the park making it difficult to see when trying to cross the road.

Council is therefore seeking the community’s feedback on the following proposals:
  • Trialling exclusions for boats and trailers, or time restrictions, around Campbell Park, Alison Park and Lysaght Park
  • Providing ‘No Parking’ zones on Bibby Street to improve visibility at the refuge and an area for quick pick-up/drop-off
  • Replacing the existing pedestrian refuge on Bibby Street with a pedestrian crossing


Boats and Trailers Trial

The potential trial area is outlined below. Options for a trial could be ‘No Parking, motor vehicles excepted’, or a 24-hour parking limit for all vehicles, boats, and trailers. The trial period can be 6, 9, or 18 months long. We are seeking the community’s input on these elements.

"No Parking" surrounding Bibby Street pedestrian refuge

A concept plan for this proposal is outlined below. This would improve visibility at the crossing facility whilst also providing an area for quick pick-up/drop-off.

Replacement of existing pedestrian refuge on Bibby Street with a pedestrian crossing

Council’s Traffic Engineer has investigated a pedestrian crossing in this location, with traffic and pedestrian volumes indicating that this is an option.

Proposal for trial area

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May 2023 Council Meeting outcome



Moved: Cr Ruggeri, seconded: Cr Cordaro

1. That Council officers undertake community consultation and prepare a report for the consideration of the Canada Bay Traffic Committee on the following:

A. Prohibition or limitation (such as 24 hour parking) of the parking of boats and trailers in the streets surrounding Campbell Park for a trial period, with that period to be determined following consultation with the community and Traffic Committee.

B. Provision of ‘No Parking’ near the pedestrian refuge in Bibby Street to provide a greater line of sight to improve motorist and pedestrian safety.

2. That Council investigate the installation of a pedestrian crossing at Bibby Street and report back to Council

Survey - closes Sunday 13 August