Following extensive community consultation, we have adopted our new Local Strategic Planning Statement, which captures the future land use and character of our area through the community’s eyes. We are now proposing and seeking feedback on changes to our Local Environmental Plan to help make this vision a reality.

Council has prepared a Planning Proposal that starts the process of implementing the community’s vision for the area. This is the first of many proposals as we work towards a new Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

The planning proposal seeks to make a suite of changes to the Canada Bay LEP to:

  • Increase the range of apartment sizes
  • Increase affordable housing by introducing an Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme
  • Ensure boarding houses are consistent with local character and provide adequate amenity
  • Manage and mitigate the impact of aircraft noise
  • Protect land of high biodiversity value by amending the Biodiversity maps
  • Strengthen objectives for Height of Building and Floor Space Ratio controls
  • Ensure operational Sydney Water sites are appropriately zoned
  • Correct errors and inconsistencies that exist in the LEP.

How Can I Contribute Feedback?

Please review the Planning Proposal and provide your feedback below.

Planning Proposal feedback

For each comment, please include the section/page number that your comment relates to.

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