Our Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) is the core strategic land-use planning document for the City of Canada Bay. It will guide the character of our centres and neighbourhoods into the future.It describes the future we face within the next 20-years and what we should do to preserve and enhance our lifestyle.

The draft LSPS is informed by Council’s Community Strategic Plan and builds on planning work found in council’s other plans, studies and strategies such as the Local Environmental Plan (LEP), Development Control Plans (DCP) and Contributions Plan. It will be used to update key components of these plans, to be consistent with priorities and actions across infrastructure, liveability, productivity and sustainability.

After a large scale community consultation period, we have incorporated feedback provided, and have developed the below draft.

We have asked the community to read and provide feedback on the draft so that we can incorporate any further relevant ideas and directions from the community before it is put to Council for adoption and implementation.

The draft contains a snapshot of Canada Bay’s place and people and what is unique about the area. This is followed by 77 Actions that Council will take to achieve our Land Use Vision, which is illustrated in the Structure Plan.

Our Land Use Vision

Our Land Use Vision

About the draft LSPS

The draft LSPS is based on a synthesis of what our community has told us as well as our analysis of metropolitan, district and local issues likely to impact on our City in coming decades.

Several supporting technical studies were also undertaken by Council to inform the draft LSPS including:

  • Housing
  • Employment and productivity
  • Movement
  • Social infrastructure (community facilities)
  • Social infrastructure (open space and recreation)
  • Urban tree canopy
  • Biodiversity

The draft LSPS supports the Eastern City District Plan at a local Council level and has been prepared in accordance with clause 3.9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the EP&A Act).

Community consultation for the draft LSPS

During our community engagement period, we built on feedback provided by you during the development of the Community Strategic plan, and canvassed opinions from both key stakeholders and the wider community.

The engagement revealed:

  • Local Centres should be vibrant places that reinforce a village atmosphere.
  • Low density areas should remain substantially unchanged.
  • New development is best located where there is access to high frequency public transport.
  • New development should reflect the character of the surrounding neighbourhood and contribute to the greening of our local area.
  • We should reduce car reliance and some roads could have dedicated bike lanes.
  • It is important to be able to access urban services (car repairs, home improvement) close to home.
  • Public access to and along the foreshore should be achieved wherever possible.
  • There is significant support for more trees in parks, on streets and within centres.

November 2018 - January 2019 consultations – key stakeholder engagement

Issue-specific engagement was undertaken by the various consultancies engaged by Council to undertake the technical studies. The feedback was then assessed by Council to inform the priorities and actions of the studies.

February - March 2019 consultations – wider community input

An online survey was used to gather and distil key insights on a comprehensive range of issues. The online survey was live for five weeks, from Friday 15 February to Friday 22 March 2019, and received hundreds of responses that have helped guide the preparation of the draft LSPS and background strategies.