The City of Canada Bay has a lot to offer. We're a celebrated recreation destination with few rivals, our foreshore is inviting and beautiful, and we are home to connected and vibrant communities. However, there are periods when many of us that live, work and play in the City of Canada Bay don't explore our streets, attend local community events or visit our local businesses.

In 2020 we turned our attention to understanding why, to strengthen the liveability of our City of Canada Bay and the opportunities that lie in the evening economy. The Our City after 5: Evening Economy and Activation Plan 2021 - 2031 was developed to guide future planning and activities to help build investment, business, community and culture. Following public exhibition of the draft plan it was adopted by Council on 16 February 2021.

To view the adopted plan, click here.

But what is the evening economy?

The evening economy is defined as social or business activities and experiences that contribute to the economy, every day of the week, for all ages and abilities between the hours of 5–9pm. Activities may include sport and recreation, arts and cultural events, entertainment, social activities, work, volunteering, retail, education, commuting, dining, and even staying in.

Community engagement

In February 2020, we headed to the streets to hear from you on what you do now between 5-9pm, and what you would like to do more of.

We found that many in our community want to stay local and enjoy activities within walking distance, and that you like variety.

We took the hundreds of pieces of feedback from our community and our officers internally and developed a draft plan.

We also built upon significant community consultation undertaken by our strategic planning team around the Local Strategic Planning Statement, and from YOUR Future 2030 — our community strategic plan built by the community, for the community.

Public exhibition

Having conducted community engagement, we developed a draft plan for Council to review. At the Council Meeting on 17 November 2020, Council reviewed the draft plan and approved it to be put on public exhibition for the community to read and provide feedback. The public exhibition period ran from 19 November - 14 December 2020.

Read the draft plan

You can also download the draft plan here.