Majors Bay Reserve Masterplan 2022

Majors Bay Reserve in Concord is an important sporting precinct with thousands of local residents using the space for active recreation and team sports.

Majors Bay Reserve is made up of the following sporting facilities:

  • Ron Routley Oval: Cricket and football field. Seasonal users include Briars Cricket Club, Inter Lions Soccer Club and Concord Junior Soccer Team.
  • Sid Richards Parks 1, 2 & 3: Two baseball fields and a soccer field. Seasonal users include Concord Comets Baseball Club, Concord Junior Soccer Team. and Inter Lions Soccer Club

In August 2018, Mayor Angelo Tsirekas announced our $4.4 million funding commitment to undertake major upgrade works at Majors Bay Reserve in conjunction with $2.3 million from the NSW Government. The upgrade will deliver state of the synthetic playing fields and amenities to meet ongoing demand for active open space facilities and will provide increased access for residents and sport clubs.

Amenities building

The facility was officially opened by the Mayor Angelo Tsirekas and John Sidoti MP Member for Drummoyne on Saturday 10th October 2020.

The opening event was restricted to a maximum of 20 persons in accordance with Public Health Order no5 - 25 Sep 2020 - Division 5 - Outdoor public gatherings (1) The Minister directs that a person must not participate in an outdoor public gathering of more than 20 people.

The facility is currently in use subject to COVID-19 guidelines. For more information on how Council is responding to the COVID-19 situation, please refer to our website .

Community Engagement

We consulted with the community about the planned Stage 2 works from 1 April - 15 May 2019, reaching out to the local community through a letter box drop and a drop in session on Saturday 13th April 2019. 31 people from the community provided feedback, with other two thirds of respondents supporting the upgrades.

A report detailing the outcomes of the community consultation was presented at a Councillor workshop held on 14 May 2019. Following consideration of the concerns expressed by some local residents as well as the wider needs of the local community, the following revisions to the proposal were endorsed:

  • Deletion of the 2 additional light poles on the northern side of the half field
  • Reduction of fencing around the half field to 1.8m high
  • Installation of 6m high nets behind mini-goals on eastern and western sides of the half field
  • Additional planting / landscaping buffer adjacent to half field
  • Reduction of the proposed hours of use for the half field:
    • Monday to Sunday 8am to 9pm

There are no changes proposed to the other components of the Stage 2 works being the amenities building and associated seating.

The project team will proceed with finalising detailed design with our consultants and then engaging contractors for the works. Construction is expected to commence in August 2019 with a view to opening the facilities in March 2020.

The revised plan for the half sized field is outlined below.