Feedback is now closed. Thank you to everyone who reviewed the draft policy and provided feedback.

Place activations play an important role in ensuring Council’s town centres and public spaces are vibrant and attractive.

A draft Local Approvals Policy has been prepared to facilitate and control certain activities in the public domain. Council is also proposing to amend the Fees and Charges 2021–22 to include a new fee ($50) for street performer applications.
To view the draft Fees and Charges 2021–22, click here.

You are invited to provide feedback on the draft Local Approvals Policy and the proposed amendment to the Fees and Charges 2021–22. Complete the form below to provide your feedback by 5pm, Friday 20 August 2021.

All feedback will be considered before the policy and amendment to the Fees and Charges are presented to Council for adoption in August.

About the draft policy

The draft policy is comprised of three parts:

Part 1: Activities that are exempt, where a formal application is not required

Part 2: General considerations applicable to activities that require an approval under the Policy

Part 3: Other relevant matters relating to applications and approvals (i.e. lodgement, refund of fees, review of determinations and the modification and revoking of approvals.

Activities that are identified as exempt from requiring approval under the draft Policy include:

  • Engaging in a trade or business on community land
  • Directing or procuring theatrical, musical or other entertainment for the public on community land
  • Constructing a temporary enclosure for the purpose of entertainment
  • Setting up, operating or using a loudspeaker or sound amplifying device on community land
  • Using a standing vehicle or any article for the purpose of selling in a public place.

Activities in the draft policy that require the approval of Council include:

  • Market stalls in designated locations
  • Street performers
  • Temporary food stalls.

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