What's happening?

In response to community feedback, Council has sought and secured funding through the NSW Government's Graffiti Management Grant to improve and activate three locations in Rhodes:

  • John Whitton Bridge, John Whitton Reserve
  • Ryde Bridge, Uhrs Point
  • Bennelong Bridge, Eastern Abutment

The objective of this project is to:

  • Improve feelings of safety in these spaces
  • Prevent vandalism, graffiti, littering, and anti-social behaviour
  • Activate spaces for the community to use with confidence at night time

Grant secured

With these sites in mind, Council successfully applied for and won a $100,000 NSW Government Graffiti Management Grant that will fund the implementation of key actions developed during this consultation process.

Projects delivered

Infinity goes Outdoors under Bennelong Bridge

"Infinity" by Si Yi Shen is a digital mural that delves into the exploration of symbolism and landscape, serving as an inquiry into the artist's diasporic experience and sense of belonging. The artwork achieves this by skillfully juxtaposing elements of Chinese scroll painting composition with the distinctive backdrop of the Australian landscape, resulting in the creation of intimate spaces designed to elicit emotional responses from the audience.

On September 23, 2023, a unique Digital Gallery exhibition was hosted beneath Bennelong Bridge as part of the Moon Festival celebrations. This event provided a special opportunity for viewers to engage with the captivating blend of cultural symbolism and artistic expression presented by Si Yi Shen's "Infinity" during the festivities.

DJ Nights by John Whitton Bridge

On 24 November and 15 December 2023, John Whitton Reserve in Rhodes was filled with the vibrancy of music, live performances, roving entertainment, food stalls, street games, and various other activities. Take a look at some photos of the fun below.

Community night walks

Council has been collaborating with the community to develop creative ideas to achieve these objectives. We have undertaken two community night site walks on 6 and 12 April 2023. 20 residents joined Council staff and Police to explore the three locations at night and brainstorm potential improvements within the scope of the grant.

Possible improvements gathered include:

  • A mural and improved seating under Bennelong Bridge
  • Night markets or food trucks under John Whitton Bridge
  • Art and Music programs
  • Dance mirrors under John Whitton Bridge
  • A mural under Ryde Bridge
  • Lighting improvements under John Whitton Bridge, Bennelong Bridge and Ryde Bridge

What happens next?

We will compile all information submitted and keep the community updated on next steps. To receive updates, click the +Follow button at the top of this page.