Artwork in public spaces adds colour, vibrancy and personality to our city. In recent years, we've worked with local artists to create beautiful murals across Canada Bay. In fact, the City is home to 65 permanent installations and hosts an average of 25 gallery exhibitions across our libraries and museum each year.

In our ongoing quest to keep Canada Bay colourful and bright, we asked the community to find our next street art hot spot. All entries are the running to win a $200 dining voucher to a local restaurant of the entrants choice, and we will commission an artist to paint the wall this year!

Shortlist Guidelines

All successful shortlist entries are:

  • Visible to the public (public facing building, wall, chair, staircase, garage door, table...)
  • Serve a purpose or help the local landscape in some way (adding vibrancy to the space, covering up graffiti, bringing attention to the building, community or what is signifies, or helping a wall blend it better with its natural environment)
  • Were approved by private owners if on a privately owned property.

Competition Entries

We reviewed all entries and provided feedback on each on the below map: