In April 2019, we asked for your feedback on our draft Smart City Plan for Canada Bay. We have incorporated your feedback into the final plan and it was adopted by Council on 18 June 2019! You can download the final plan here.

Thank you for your input!

This draft Smart City Plan aims to share our ways of approaching the challenges and opportunities facing our City. It is a considered approach to innovation, evaluating technological change and our values for implementing smarter ways of delivering the range of services we offer.

What is a "Smart City"?

It's not just about smart technology. Smart processes and systems support our work and help the community to be more resilient, sustainable, efficient, connect easily, share knowledge, work together and be creative in finding solutions. It is vital our community is engaged in planning for our future, particularly with our population continuing to grow. An intelligent city is one in which we seek out smart solutions to enable the vision for the City to be achieved.

Innovation in the Bay

There is a culture of innovation in the City of Canada Bay. Since its inception in 2000 Council has recognised that its places and communities are changing and that in order to best deliver services, high levels of leadership, innovation, partnerships, and respect for the community need to be demonstrated. The three key reasons Council is pursuing the smart city agenda is for good governance, improved sustainability and to be a responsive government.

9 Principles for the Future

The City of Canada Bay has a set of 9 principles, rather than a set of rules or a single strategy to becoming smart.

The principles are:

  1. Embed smartness into capital works
  2. Improve sustainability through leveraging efficiency
  3. Share knowledge by connecting and collaborating with our community
  4. Create tactical solutions to pilot and test smart approaches
  5. Seek partnerships to deliver improved solutions
  6. Improving accessibility to quality services for our community through smart practices
  7. Employ the cloud, internet of things and adapt to emerging technology for our City
  8. Support community creation of smart solutions to improve our neighbourhoods
  9. Creating more open government in our City.

Each principle is explained with examples below, click on each icon:

Embed smartness in capital works
Improve sustainability
Share knowledge and connect community
Pilot and test smart approaches well
Seek partnerships for improved solutions
Improving access to quality services
The cloud and emerging technology
Community creation and neighbourhoods support
A more open government in our City

Your input

From page 15 of the draft, we've outline each principle, examples of what we have done in the past, and future directions. Have a look through and provide any feedback you have here.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

13 April, 2019

gulcanspam says:

“Deter speeding vehicles, particularly on Great Nth Rd and it's side streets. Reduce the local speed limit to 40KMs, add more speed humps.”

13 April, 2019

gulcanspam says:

“Reduce noise pollution, particularly with council service vehicles (go electric) and encourage native (no lawn) gardens, ban leaf-blowers.”

13 April, 2019

gulcanspam says:

“Improve the walkability of the area, more shading trees to make walking to the local shops and schools safer and more comfortable. ”

13 April, 2019

gulcanspam says:

“More dedicated bike lanes particularly for commuting to the city. Safer for all, reduce congestion, improve air quality, less reliance on PT”