Project background

The City of Canada Bay completed a $730,000 upgrade to the playground in Queen Elizabeth Park, Concord in November 2022. This funding included $200,000 awarded from the State Government's Everyone Can Play Grant. The upgrade included new children’s play equipment that is integrated with the surrounding landscape to provide a unique play space for all ages.

Through two rounds of consultation, we asked the community to help shape the new playground. The initial consultation informed us the type of play the community would like to see and the second consultation allowed us to fine tune the design to deliver a playground for everyone.

You can see the final designs below as well as some photos of the opening celebration on 3 December 2022!

Concept design of playground

Credit: Proludic

Concept design of new Henley Park playground

Final playground plans

Final Detailed Plan

Final concept design

Credit: Proludic

Check out images of photos of new play equipment. Credit: Proludic

Have your say on the design - Round two. Now Closed

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