This consultation is now closed and feedback is being reviewed. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas for future public art projects.

Interested in hosting public art on your property? Complete the form below. Priority will be given to locations in or around our town centres, parks, gateways and waterways.

Project background

Public art has the capacity to enliven, invigorate, add value and connection to many of our places across the City of Canada Bay. You may have seen local murals, sculptures, digital art, lighting works, customised street furniture or experienced our spoken word installations adding to the cultural landscape. Each project is developed with local knowledge, in partnership with key stakeholders to create meaningful installations and activities.

We're looking for ideas to shape future public art projects across the City. People have already made some suggestions as part of our Community Strategic Plan consultation – ideas have been summarised in the table below.

Types of art suggested:Other suggestions:
  • Murals
  • Sculptures along foreshore walks
  • Large photographs in town centres to show the history of the area
  • Artistic paving on footpaths
  • Work with local artists
  • Work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists
  • Art themes could be site specific cultural references, from contemporary to historical and indigenous interpretation of culture and place
  • Art which is environmentally friendly and culturally sensitive
  • Encourage property owners to collaborate with Council and artists to utilise their buildings as canvases

Public Art EOI

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This consultation is now closed and feedback is being reviewed.