This project is now completed. A launch event was held on 17 December 2020 and the Piazza was officially opened by Mayor Angelo Tsirekas.

A big thank you to the principal contractor, KK Civil Engineering, for delivering the project on time and to a high standard despite the difficulties brought by COVID-19.

This $600,000 project is a key initiative identified in the Majors Bay Road Place Plan. Planning was carried out with extensive collaboration with the Majors Bay Road Chamber of Commerce, businesses and residents.

Construction Update - 27 October 2020

The construction of the Jellicoe Street Piazza is anticipated to be completed in December 2020.

KK Civil Engineering on behalf of the City of Canada Bay will be undertaking the following works over the coming month (weather dependent).

Stage 2: Surface Treatments, Landscaping And Street Furniture

  • Construction of kerbs and ramps
  • Planting of garden bed and new trees
  • Installation of street furniture including public seating, bins, water drinking fountain and bike racks.

Temporary impacts during stage two works include:

  • construction noise and vibration.
  • at times, parking on Jellicoe Street, between Majors Bay Road and Gallipoli Lane, may be temporarily unavailable, and will be reinstated in November 2020
  • some on-street parking on Gallipoli Street will be restricted, This will be reinstated in November 2020
  • pedestrian access on the western side of Jellicoe Street adjacent to Majors Bay Road will be temporarily unavailable and will be reinstated in November 2020
  • pedestrian access on the Jellicoe Street southern footpath between Majors Bay Road and Gallipoli Lane will be closed and will be reinstated in November 2020

We apologise in advance for any disruption caused by these works. As the project progresses, we will continue to provide the community with updates on scheduled works.

Should you have any further queries, please contact KK Civil Engineering’s Works Coordinator, Jimmy Giannone on 0421 445 387.

For additional information on this project or to receive email updates, please contact Stakeholder Engagement Representative, Kate Woodbridge on 0431 174 020 or by email

Jellicoe St Revised concept

Full details are in the fact sheet in the sidebar.

There will be seating mainly housed under trees for shade, providing storage for pop up furniture. There will also be power and water access for small community events and a USB mobile device charging station.

A key concern for Majors Bay Road and surrounds is parking, therefore this design has created two extra spaces in this area through a narrowing of the footpath. Due to community feedback an additional mobility parking space has also been created.

A parking study has been carried out across the area and Council will share this study in the coming weeks and how this may affect Jellicoe Street.

The full background on this project is below.