Images of completed works

We have completed the renewal of the seawall in Iron Cove.

The construction started in December 2019 and was completed in May 2020.

Works included:

  • Rock protection and landscape improvements
  • Mass planting of native vegetation
  • Repairing existing sandstone block walls.

This project will enhance the Bay Run for everyone, protect our foreshore, and improve our natural environment.

Project background

The Iron Cove foreshore comprises of both sandstone seawalls and unprotected sections of shoreline. Existing seawalls are failing and other areas of unprotected shoreline are showing signs of erosion. This means our important community assets such as the Bay Run and the natural environment are at risk.

As part of a long term solution, the City of Canada Bay is working to renew and repair the foreshore. The works involve both the repair of the heritage sandstone seawall adjacent to Neild Park and the replenishment of rock armour between Barnstaple Road and Burnell Street.

Project objectives

Key project objectives include:

  • Protect the public foreshore and Bay Run corridor from coastal erosion
  • Protect the health of the local waterway and foreshore ecology.

What type of work will be undertaken?

Replenishment of rock armour to protect the foreshore from coastal erosion on Henley Marine Drive from east of steps near Barnstaple Road to Burnell Street.

Restoration of sandstone block seawall to maintain protection of the Bay Run along Henley Marine Drive from Nield Park to Barnstaple Road.

Environmental approvals

Exclusion zones will be established to protect marine vegetation and silt curtains will be installed to reduce turbidity in the intertidal area. Council has been granted an approval for the removal of limited areas of marine vegetation including mangroves and salt marsh by the Department of Primary Industries Fisheries (Fisheries Management Act 1994). New vegetation will also be planted along the foreshore.

Pedestrian and cyclist management

During construction sufficient pedestrian pathway widths will be maintained for safe continuous two way access along Bay Run. Cyclists will be required to dismount and walk their bicycles past the works area to ensure the safety for all Bay Run users.

Please note