After reviewing community feedback, construction on this project commenced in July 2021.

Ideas and suggestions from the community consultation have been included in the design of this playground.

As suggested by the community, the design features the following elements:

  • Framed climbing structure suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities
  • Inclusive play structure with double slide
  • Shade sail and adequate seating for parents and carers
  • Rubber softfall
  • Inclusive double bay swing set
  • Talking tubes
  • Inclusive rocker
  • Musical chimes.

Concept design of playground created by Moduplay:

Concept design of new Henley Park playground

Project background

As part of our commitment to providing inclusive and accessible play spaces for the community, we are proposing a $150,000 upgrade to the playground in Henley Park, Concord. The upgrade will include new children's play equipment and improved seating. There is also scope to upgrade the playground fencing.

We are seeking feedback from the community as to the type of children's play equipment we should install. Your ideas will be used to develop the playground design, which will be shared in round two of the consultation for further feedback.