Going green

We are joining City of Sydney and the NSW Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC) to promote the uptake of GreenPower in our community.

Switching to 100% renewable energy is one of the best things you can do for our planet today — and it's possible to do even if you rent or live in an apartment.

Over half of Canada Bay's carbon emissions come from electricity and with energy prices on the rise, this is a good time to shake things up, shop around and find a new and greener electricity deal. GreenPower is the only government accredited and audited green energy program and it's ideal for those who can't install rooftop solar.

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is a government accredited and audited electricity plan that is made from renewable sources.

If you switch to a 100% GreenPower plan, your energy provider will purchase the equivalent amount of electricity you use from the renewable energy farms located in Australia. GreenPower will mean more of New South Wales' electricity comes from the wind and sun.

GreenPower explained...

Here's how you can switch

Here are our tips for getting GreenPower:

1. Call and chat. Call your current energy provider and ask them to switch you to a 100% GreenPower plan. If they tell you that it is going to cost significantly more than what you are currently paying, you can shop around using the Energy Made Easy comparison to get their best 100% GreenPower deal.

2. Find the greenest option. Check the Green Electricity Guide and find the top 10 greenest providers in NSW. If you want to support the companies doing the most to avoid fossil fuels, this is the option for you!

3. Find the cheapest option. Checking the Energy Made Easy comparison site is highly recommended. It is an accurate and independent service operated by the Australian Energy Regulator and it can compare the current deals from all electricity providers in one go. Make sure you tick the GreenPower filter box while selecting your plan.

Most electricity companies — more than 10 in Sydney — offer certified GreenPower. Find a provider.

Energy Savings

Why GreenPower?

To combat climate change, City of Canada Bay is constantly looking for opportunities to incorporate renewable energy sources in council operations and empower our communities to switch to renewable energy.

If you are looking for opportunities to switch to a renewable source of energy in your house or business, and solar isn't a realistic option, GreenPower could be the alternative for you. Switching to a GreenPower plan is simple and represents a significant step for residents and businesses wishing to make a positive impact on our environment. The increase in GreenPower consumption will also drive further investment and development in renewable energy.

Find which plan would suit you best here.

Energy Savings

Carbon neutral vs. GreenPower

When looking for a new electricity plan, you might notice energy companies offering 'carbon neutral' plans. So what's the difference between a Carbon Neutral plan and GreenPower plan?

Carbon neutral plan: If you choose a carbon neutral electricity plan, then your energy provider calculates the emissions associated with your household energy use and purchases carbon offsets to cancel out the emissions. This does not help remove the greenhouse gas emitter/source in Australia specifically.

GreenPower plan: If you choose GreenPower electricity plan and opt for a 100% GreenPower electricity plan, your energy provider will have to buy the equivalent amount of electricity you use from renewable electricity generators. This helps build up the renewable energy sector.

The main issue with carbon neutral plans is that they don't do anything to help Australia to divest from fossil fuels as they don't remove the source of the emissions in Australia. GreenPower plans do. That's why switching to Greenpower plan is a greener option!

Case Studies

Why this Drummoyne resident chose GreenPower

Drummoyne resident Dr Michelle Imison shares why it was important to her to choose GreenPower for her home.

Michelle was an early adopter of GreenPower she has been on a GreenPower electricity plan for over five years now. Living in an apartment building, Michelle was looking to switch to a renewable form of energy. "The key thing is to get Australia off coal and gas, and this is me playing my part in that," she says.

After researching different renewable electricity plans, Michelle came across PowerShop's GreenPower electricity plan. She was on PowerShop's electricity plan for over five years. However, about a year ago when PowerShop was acquired by Shell Energy, she decided to switch to another electricity retailer as Shell hasn't entirely divested from fossil fuels.

After spending some time on research, she decided to switch to Diamond Energy's 100% GreenPower plan. "The switch was easy," Michelle says. "My friend who was with Diamond Energy's electricity plan, referred me. This led to both of us getting some discount on our plans."

Michelle used the Greenpeace The Green Electricity Guide for her research. "It helped me to compare different plans from retailers and understand which company provides the maximum green energy and the sources of that energy, whether they have divested from fossil fuels, are transparent in marketing, and so on," she explains.

Michelle believes that Climate Action has to happen now, and she is doing her part by using GreenPower. She also wants to encourage other City of Canada Bay residents to large and small-scale action in our communities, nationally and globally. Switching to GreenPower is a small change but can be a part of a large message to governments and markets.