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As part of our Let’s All Play Strategy, we are replacing and relocating the existing playground with a new playground for children up to 13 years of age in a more central location within the park, as well as adding new outdoor fitness equipment for all ages to use nearby.

The new playground and outdoor fitness stations will be closer to the existing amenities block and is more centrally located and connected to the rest of the park, improving safety. The existing playground will be removed, the ground re-turfed and a new bench seat installed.

Everyone Can Play Grant

In April 2020 the City of Canada Bay was awarded a grant from the Everyone Can Play Grant Program, part of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. The grant was for a total of $168,000, which the City of Canada Bay matched dollar for dollar. The new playground has been designed to answer the three Everyone Can Play Guidelines:

Can I get there? Can I play? Can I stay?

The Everyone Can Play Grant Program is a commitment by the NSW Government to support councils to create new and upgrade existing playspaces across NSW to ensure people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds can play.

The 2019-20 Grant Program is providing funding to assist councils to create new inclusive playspaces or upgrade to existing playspaces to improve inclusion. Funds are awarded to councils on a matched dollar for dollar basis.

Final designs

After reviewing community feedback from our concept designs we have developed the below final designs.

The total project value has been raised to $464,000, which includes the grant funding, and the original combined playground equipment and outdoor fitness budgets.

Leg Press, Chest Press and Lateral Pull Down Units
Multifunctional static unit
Climbing Unit
Inclusive playground combination unit
All access carousel
4 way rocking chair
Combination swing
Sandstone blocks
New tree
New tree
Existing tree
More seating
Shade sail
Parallel Bars
Toilet block
New Barbecue

Consultation Outcomes

Both stage 1 and stage 2 consultation reports can be found in the document library on this page. Stage 1 was an idea and priorities gathering process, while stage 2 presented concept designs for feedback.

Based on stage 2 feedback, the following changes were made to the designs:

  • Shade sail to be installed in the play ground
  • Additional parallel bars were added to the outdoor fitness stations

Other key highlights in the playground were developed based on stage 1 engagement and include:

  • Climbing structures – Spectra Orbit Climbing Unit, designed to suit different ages and complexity levels
  • Intergenerational play – varied play equipment for different ages + outdoor fitness equipment for adults
  • Varied swing options – 3 swings including a nest swing, traditional swing and a 5 point harness swing
  • Accessible play – all access carousel, ramps on main inclusive play combination unit
  • Mulch ground throughout and rubber soft fall for accessible play
  • Nature play with sandstone and plantings – the second most popular element amongst consultation participants
  • Additional seating requested – we have included three new bench seats, one of which is a square bench, and refurbishing/relocating one picnic table. Sandstone blocks are also available for seating throughout the area
  • Fencing – while the playground is not fenced in, sandstone barriers and plantings will be included to protect children from running onto the path. Additionally, existing trees surrounding the playground area will further protect children.

Outdoor fitness feedback reflected in the final design includes:

  • Keeping fitness separate from the playground was important, so sandstone barriers and tree plantings have been included
  • Static and moveable fitness options were preferred and are included in the two outdoor fitness areas
  • Static equipment will suit teens and upward.