The Learning Space is proud to exhibit a new video work by artist Dr Josh Harle.

Since 2020, our lives and relationships have been reshaped by the everyday use of video conferencing technologies such as Zoom. Many of us now work and socialise using shared virtual spaces.

In We meet on the moon, where we share our gaze, artist Dr Josh Harle explores the longer history of these spaces through conversations with three local Canada Bay families, who share their experiences of connecting to friends and family at a distance.

The interviews themselves were conducted via video conferencing during the 2021 lockdown in Sydney. Participants have been motion captured and presented as digital avatars, expressing the strange reality – and ongoing possibilities – of using virtual tools to connect with loved ones.

We would like to thank everyone who shared their stories.

The video will also be showing at The Digital Gallery from 15 November until 12 December 2021. The Digital Gallery is located in the foyer of The Learning Space, The Connection, Rhodes.

We meet on the moon, where we share our gaze

About Dr Josh Harle

Dr Josh Harle is a media artist, researcher, and educator. His work explores digital technologies, such as virtual reality, for art. He’s a City of Sydney Creative Fellow and Director of Tactical Space Lab, where he has been hosting artists’ VR studios since 2018.