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On 21 May 2024, Council resolved to publicly exhibit a proposed amendment to the Canada Bay Development Control Plan (DCP). The amendment proposes restrictions on implementation of gas in new residential development.

About the proposed amendment


a. Reduce indoor air pollutants associated with the combustion of gas to improve the air quality for occupants.

b. Reduce the cost to future occupants by minimising the need to upgrade gas infrastructure and for ongoing gas connection charges.


a. All development involving a new or replacement dwellings are to use only electricity for all energy requirements.

b. Where it is demonstrated that the intended use of the of the building requires a process or equipment that is not able to be served by electricity, fossil fuels may be provided to serve that service only. Evidence shall be provided with the application of market testing and equipment supplier advice to confirm that an electrically powered alternative is not technically possible.

c. Where a development comprises residential dwellings and non-residential uses, the residential dwellings are to use only electricity for all energy requirements, and development applications are to demonstrate how this is achieved.

Note. The above control does not apply to external appliances that use bottled gas.

This draft DCP amendment will be on public exhibition from Thursday 30 May to Wednesday 26 June 2024.

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You are now invited to review the draft DCP amendment and provide your feedback via the following methods. Please reference All Electric Homes in Canada Bay when submitting feedback.

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Feedback closes at 12pm, Wednesday 26 June 2024.