COVID-19 has been the biggest global historical event our community has experienced. Living through a lockdown, massive changes to work and personal life, a recession, and a global anti-racism movement in only the first half of the year, our community is forever changed.

We have worked hard to care for our residents and businesses through the lockdown, providing support services, information, engaging activities, and keeping our lines of communication open.

In August 2020, we continue to face uncertainty about our collective future. While the future remains unclear, we want to check in and work to understand how our community feels, what support you need, and gain an understanding of how you would like us to move forward.

On reflection of your experience over the last 6 months, please answer the questions below. Your feedback will be used to devise programming and planning by our team, and also assists us in measuring the profound impact this pandemic has had on our community.

COVID Safety Plans

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