Message from Mayor Angelo Tsirekas

In May 2019 I raised with Council the issue of the closure of Concord RSL Club, the impact that the closure would have on our community, and the importance of the land being kept in our community’s hands as a space for public recreation.

Since that time Council representatives and I have met with the State Government on the issue as well as with RSL NSW and other stakeholders to ensure that this land remained in public hands.

The land on which the RSL Club stood was transferred by Concord Golf Club to Concord Council in 1955 under a covenant that stated the land was only to be used for “public recreation generally”. In 1963 the land was then transferred on to the Concord District RSL Sub Branch under a covenant that stated the land was to only be used for a registered club and other associated recreational uses.

This land was always intended to be a place for locals to come together as a community.

The NSW RSL intends to sell the land through an upcoming expression of interest (EOI) process. To ensure the site remains in our community’s hands, we have met with the NSW State Government to attain grant funding for a possible purchase.

Council is committed to making RSL NSW a transparent offer of fair value on behalf of our community for this land, so that we will ensure it stays in public hands forever.

Why is this site so important?

The Concord RSL site provides a unique opportunity for new open space. The site is surrounded by existing public open space, including Majors Bay Reserve, Ron Routley Oval, Sid Richards Park and Arthur Walker Reserve. These parks host a range of active sports, including soccer, cricket and baseball. The land brings together these existing recreation areas as a major district facility.

The precinct is also an important part of the green grid that connects open spaces and recreation trails throughout the City of Canada Bay. The land has significant potential for new linkages to our foreshore open space corridor along the Parramatta River. The enhancement of connections and plantings in this location would advance aims to improve the community’s health and wellbeing, whilst also catering for active and passive recreation in the area.

In addition to the area having vital potential for public recreation, the Canada Bay Biodiversity Strategy identifies the area as a priority location for habitat connectivity. The site presents an opportunity to increase linkages for critical habitat including migratory and water birds, mangroves, and Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest near the foreshore to the golf course (south) and Bicentennial Park (west).

What can residents do to ensure the Concord RSL land stays in public hands?

I am calling on residents to make their voices heard by the NSW RSL.

On this page residents can sign up to a petition to save the Concord RSL site and to write messages that we will pass on to NSW RSL to ensure they are aware of the universal local desire to keep this land in public hands.

If there is not going to be an RSL Club on this site anymore, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure open space for our growing community forever.

I once again thank residents for their support and I hope together we can achieve a great result for our community and secure the future of the Concord RSL site.