Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft Clothing Bank Policy. All feedback was considered before the finalised policy was taken to Council for adoption on Tuesday 15 June. To watch a recording of the meeting, click here.

Following review of public feedback, two changes were made to the policy:

  • Clarification of the process and considerations for identifying new clothing bin locations
  • Changed application period for existing bins from every 12 months to every 2 years

To view the finalised policy, click here.

Background information

We are updating our Clothing Bank Policy. This policy covers all clothing bins on public land. The objectives of the policy include:

  • Ensuring clothing bins and surrounds are maintained in a satisfactory manner and bin banks do not detract from the amenity of the area
  • Ensuring organisations placing charity bins in public areas have procedures and processes in place for managing their responsibilities
  • Encourage reuse, recycling and the minimisation of waste
  • Encouraging Australia’s domestic recycling and reuse industry
  • Supporting charitable reuse and recycling.

The changes to the policy focus on improving clarity and effectiveness. The main changes include:

  • Revised structure to clarify mandatory requirements for all approved bin operators, and preferred criteria when assessing applications for bin placement
  • Clarifying Council’s preference for charitable operators, and for recycling and reuse in Australia
  • Increasing the number of times bins must be serviced each week
  • Requiring a 24-hour contact number for customer enquiries
  • Requiring new signage about illegal dumping
  • Additional reporting requirements, including destination and reuse for export.

The community is invited to review the draft policy and provide feedback below. All feedback will be considered for incorporation into the policy before it is presented to Council for adoption.

Have your say by 5pm, Wednesday 26 May.

What do you think about the draft policy?