Learn about the local flora and fauna in Quarantine Reserve

Bring the kids outdoors to explore the City of Canada Bay's Nature Trail at Quarantine Reserve in Abbotsford! Did you know Quarantine Reserve is home to over 5 species of Eucalyptus trees? Did you know that native grasses like Poa can sometimes be mistaken for weeds but they provide food for butterflies and seed-eating birds?

The Nature Trail

Follow the map and look out for 19 signs and tags along the trail to learn more about Quarantine Park's plant and animal species.


Quarantine Reserve in Abbotsford is a beautiful, historic park on the Parramatta River, which was once home to Sydney’s animal quarantine station. Since becoming a parkland in 1980, the Reserve has undergone one hectare of native revegetation, with existing canopy vegetation including Eucalyptus trees and Figs, it is now reminiscent of a Coastal Sandstone Foreshore Forest.

Between 1917 and 1930, works began on the Abbotsford Animal Quarantine Station. The station housed farm animals such as sheep, pigs, horses and cattle that arrived from overseas to ensure they were disease-free before being released to their owners.

Local species

Protecting biodiversity

1. Join Canada Bay Bushcare

Bushcare is a volunteer program that enables community members to participate in the restoration, enhancement and maintenance of natural areas within the City of Canada Bay. Current areas where Bushcare groups work include:

  • Concord Bushcare: Queen Elizabeth II Park, Concord, Lovedale Place, Concord West and Quarantine Reserve, Abbotsford
  • Cabarita Bushcare: Prince Edward Park, Cabarita
  • Sisters Bay Bushcare: Drummoyne and Russell Lea
  • Yaralla Bushcare: Concord West.

Joining Bushcare is easy and we are always welcoming new volunteers. All you have to do is contact Council's Bushcare Team Leader on 9911 6555 or email council@canadabay.nsw.gov.au.

2. Get involved in community clean-ups

Help keep our environment clean by joining Council's Love Your Place program. You can adopt your own site or join an existing group that is working at one of the following sites:

  • Rodd Park, Rodd Point
  • Halliday Park, Five Dock
  • Hen & Chicken Bay, Wareemba
  • Quarantine Reserve, Abbotsford
  • Concord Hospital Foreshore, Concord West
  • Half Moon Bay, Drummoyne
  • Cabarita Park, Cabarita

Visit the Love Your Place page to find out more about joining the program or how you can get involved in other community clean-ups in the local are.

3. Be a Riverkeeper

Citizen science program

The Riverkeeper Program aims to connect organisations, volunteer groups and individuals to develop opportunities for the community to learn more about and care for waterway health and the conservation of the local environment in the Parramatta River catchment.

Sign up to the Riverkeeper Network here or find out about clean-ups and other events on Facebook.