Reaching new customers

Are you taking advantage of your social media?

Across the City there are many opportunities to engage with local groups and we have collated a few you may find useful below. Some social sites for locals do allow businesses to post on allocated business days you will just need to check with their admin.

  • Rhodes Chinese Australian Business WeChat group, contact WeChat id jeanne_tt

Further afield NSW has a number of social influencers with sometime millions of followers. It may be worth reaching out to those that are a fit for a potential showcase. They are likely to only do paid promotions.

These details were sourced from an article by the Daily Telegraph. There are many more social media influencers so it may be worth you researching further to match your business needs.

  • Matt Ford & Jack Steele

Handle: The Inspired Unemployed

Followers: 2.13 million

Two tradies perform social media skits and dance moves. They have collaborated with high end fashion wear brands.

  • Zachery Dereniowski

Handle: MDMotivator

Followers: 2.7 million

A former medical student who spreads motivational messages and raises mental health awareness. Potential for collaborations on health and wellbeing.

  • Balir Joscelyne and Martin Mulholland

Handle: Might Car Mods

Followers: 4.14 million

Car enthusiasts who demo do-it-yourself fixes and modifications. Potential car related promotions and collaborations.

  • Sarah Tilse

Handle: Sarahs Day

Followers: 2.87 million

A holistic health and fitness personal brand. Rarely promotes other people’s products as has her own range however you can try.

  • Rory Eliza

Handle RoryEliza

Followers: 5.55 million

A teenager from Newcastle who does comedic takes on life and trends. She also does beauty tips so collaborations on beauty products may be viable.

  • Harry Tate

Handle: The Vibe King

Followers: 5.35 Million

A flamboyant character he rose to fame for his comedy and athletic videos. He is an ambassador for Action Sports and Root Industries so fitness businesses may find a match.