Why Council Consults

Council is committed to ensuring the City of Canada Bay is an engaged City with an effective two-way flow of information between Council and the community and that local decision making is transparent and works in the interest of the community. With this in mind, we regularly consult with local residents to understand their thoughts and views on a range of issues.

How Council Consults

Council is committed to engaging with the community on key matters that may impact upon the community.

Council's definition of community engagement is based on the United Nations Declaration on Community Engagement (2005).

Community engagement is a two-way process of dialogue by which the aspirations, concerns, needs and values of our local community and other relevant stakeholders are incorporated into policy development, planning, decision-making, service delivery and assessment. It is viewed as critical to effective, transparent and accountable governance.

Collaborate Canada Bay

Collaborate Canada Bay is the online platform for all of Council's digital engagement, where the community can provide their ideas, feedback, and questions to the Council to help build the city's future.

Council's Commitment To Community Engagement

Council's commitment to community engagement is outlined in full in the following two documents:

Community Engagement Policy

This policy provides a framework for the way the Council will undertake community engagement on issues or decisions for which Council is responsible.

Read our Community Engagement Policy

Community Engagement Strategy

The Council, under the Local Government Act 1993, is required to have a community engagement strategy, based upon social justice principles, for engaging the community when developing the community strategic plan and for other planning activities. The purpose of this strategy is to outline the processes Council will use to engage the community in a range of planning contexts. It describes how the Council's Community Engagement Policy will be implemented and it informs how individual engagement action plans will be developed and carried out.

Read our Community Engagement Policy