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To support our dedicated community of 3D modellers, The Learning Space team provides regular online content on 3D printing and design, suitable for people at any stage of learning.

We'll focus on the fundamentals of Autodesk Fusion 360 and other free 3D modelling software. This includes regular posts, video tutorials, and meet-ups.

Whether you're an avid designer or just curious to learn more, we are all about supporting our community of makers, tinkerers, thinkers, and creators. So if you have a question, or you're working on something you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please drop us a line or send us a pic of your current project.

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Get started with 3D modeling and printing

Are you looking to get started with 3D modeling and printing? Get making with these free programs

Fusion 360 logo

Download Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is our go-to 3D modeling software. After a bit of instruction, it is user-friendly and free for non-commercial and hobbyist users. Fusion 360 is particularly useful for parametric modelling to create accurate prints.

Blender Logo

Download Blender

Blender leans more towards animation and game development but it can still be used in 3D modeling to make interesting and organic shapes. Similarly to Meshmixer, you can use Blender as a way of finishing models by adding more organic touches to more geometric shapes made in Fusion 360.

Meshmixer Logo

Download Meshmixer

Meshmixer is, like its name implies, perfect for mixing 3D meshes. However, there is way more to this software then just that. Its most useful functions are probably those related to analyzing and fixing STLs. Meshmixer can also be used to model with ‘digital clay’, perfect for making more organic shapes.

Cura Logo

Download Cura

To get a 3D model into the real world you’ll need to 3D print it and to print a model you’ll need a slicer. A slicer basically tells your 3D printer what to do by slicing the model into gcode instructions. Cura is an amazing, powerful and free slicer! Its basic settings can get you started. Once you're ready, its advanced setting can give you print quality you never dreamed off. Cura supports most printers so give it a go today.